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The Villa Montessori curriculum is based on the educational philosophy developed by the renowned Italian doctor, psychologist and pedagogue Maria Montessori. We haven’t chosen this childhood development method by chance. The Montessori educational philosophy takes into account every aspect of a child’s personality. Our approach pays special attention to the child’s emotional, linguistic and intellectual development. This fundamentally humanistic method is anchored on the child’s physiological and psychological development, taking into account all the particularities brought by age. More



This program is designed for up to 3 years old. We work to ensure that children can express themselves in total freedom as well as safety. Everything is customized for the child's own work development of their didactic materials. The Montessori environment provides the child the opportunity to develop through all their sensitive periods, within their own pace. The child is free to choose the amount of interaction with a particular material.

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Casa dei Bambini

The Montessori environment for 3 to 6 year-old is divided into thematic zones by areas of study and interests. This curriculum is built on a logical base. It contains all the necessary materials that meet the needs of children at this age. At the age of 3 to 6 years, children begin to read and write, significantly increase their vocabulary, learn to solve problems, study the structure of the world around and continue to absorb knowledge from the environment.

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Montessori school

This is where our path to knowledge begins. Our center's opportunities and educational quality combine to create the citizen of the future. We are guided by the highest educational standards in which our methodology plays a major role. Our highly trained, Montessori-certified educators stimulate students' love of learning, full-time training, and progress.

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Nona Vanetsyan

Nona Vanetsyan

Founding director

Gohar Asatryan

Gohar Asatryan

Deputy director

Tatev Aspaturyan

Tatev Aspaturyan

Assistant director



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