About us

The Villa Montessori curriculum is based on the educational philosophy developed by the renowned Italian doctor, psychologist and pedagogue Maria Montessori. We haven’t chosen this childhood development method by chance. The Montessori educational philosophy takes into account every aspect of a child’s personality. Our approach pays special attention to the child’s emotional, linguistic and intellectual development. This fundamentally humanistic method is anchored on the child’s physiological and psychological development, taking into account all the particularities brought by age.

Our mission is:

To help children develop their maximum potential, to grow up as a free, successful, strong and intellectually healthy person, and in so doing, offer them the gift of happiness.


Our Goal is:

To create an atmosphere of love, trust and cooperation to optimize learning, developing potential, and making choices. We believe in children so they may believe in themselves. We respect children so they may learn self-respect. We want children to be successful both for their own ends, and for Armenia’s prosperity.


The Montessori Method

The Montessori pedagogical method has been well known around the World for a long time. The method’s founder, Dr. Maria Montessori, was a renowned Italian scientist, philosopher, psychologist and psychiatrist as well as a pioneering humanist pedagogue. She earned the respect of her colleagues and peers. Maria Montessori discovered that a person’s destiny was to discover their unique plan, release their potential, nurture their talent, which have been gifted to them by God, the Universe and Nature.They should use these gifts to the fullest by strengthening their self-reliance, and serving the betterment of mankind. According to Montessori's pedagogical philosophy, an adult acts as an assistant who paves the way for self-help for the child, under the "Help me help myself" principle. Otherwise, when adults try to gain total control over their children, the risk of introducing foreign "programming" into a child may be great, which can hinder their development.

Armenian Montessori Association

Armenian Montessori Association (AMA) was founded in April 2018 and officially became an affiliate of Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) in April 2019. Association upholds, propagates and furthers the pedagogical principles and practice formulated by Maria Montessori for the full development of the human being.